Merchant Resources

Merchant buttons

Merchants can add a 'Pay By BuzzPaid' button to their cart that directs customers to BuzzPaid. Once logged in, a customer can pay the merchant directly from their BuzzPaid account.

The buttons come in two colour ways and three sizes.

Style Large Medium Small
Light Pay by BuzzPaid - large light Pay by BuzzPaid - medium light Pay by BuzzPaid - small light
Dark Pay by BuzzPaid - large dark Pay by BuzzPaid - medium dark Pay by BuzzPaid - small dark

How to get your personalised buttons

These instructions assume you have a degree of knowledge in building HTML forms into your cart.

  • If you don't yet have one, create a merchant account.
  • Sign in
  • Visit your 'Pay By BuzzPaid' page to get your personalised code that builds a form that can be placed on your website. The form contains a button that can be styled, as above.
  • Visit the 'Button code' tab to get the code for the style of button you want, and replace it in the form code you previously downloaded.