How to pay by SMS from your mobile phone

You can pay a merchant from your BuzzPaid account by sending a specially structured SMS message to BuzzPaid. Please follow these instructions exactly.

You first need to ask for and obtain the BuzzPaid Account Number of the merchant you wish to pay (the number is 10 digits long, contains letters and numbers and is not case-sensitive).

Send a message to this number: 00447797805839 this format:

buzzpaid {your account number}*{PIN}*{currency}*{amount}*{merchant account number}

Note that there is a space after buzzpaid but there are no spaces between the asterisks.


  • {your account number} is the BuzzPaid account number you wish to pay from
  • {PIN} is your PIN number
  • {currency} is a three letter code for the currency you wish to pay in (see list below)
  • {amount} is how much you'd like to pay to two deimal places (in this format: 0.00)
  • {merchant account number} is the account number of the merchant you want to pay

Example message

An example message would be:

buzzpaid 1234567890*1234*GBP*35.99*ABCDEFGHIJ

This would make a payment of £35.99 (GBP) to the merchant with an number ABCDEFGHIJ from your account number 1234567890. It assumes that you have sufficient funds in your account (including any fee payable) and you have used the correct PIN number (in this example it's 1234).

These are the valid currency codes for use when paying by SMS:
Code Currency
CFA Central African Franc
GBP British Pounds
GHS Ghanaian Cedi

Before it will work you need to ensure that:

  • The mobile number you provided during registration (which you will see recorded on your account) is in this format: 233123456789. If it is not, you will need to edit your account information to correct your mobile number.
  • The correct format is:
    • no plus sign at the beginning
    • start with the international code
      • e.g. for Ghana, that's 233
    • no leading 0 or 00
    • no spaces
  • The number must be unique - it can only used in one user account