Now with BuzzPaid, you can.

No more trekking around with cash to pay for goods and services. Simply pre-pay into your BuzzPaid account and instruct it via the web or SMS on your mobile phone. Buy goods and services from merchants in Ghana and soon from overseas merchants. You can now shop on line and pay bills from the comfort of your home.

What we do

  • Helping to transform the commerce sector in developing economies and opening up consumer access to the global economy.
  • Enabling financial inclusion for our developing economies.
  • BuzzPaid works seamlessly with local banks meaning all financial transactions are held within and processed strictly through the banking systems. There is full electronic trail. Every penny is accounted for.
  • Safety; Innovation and Efficiency: Delivered.

Transformational benefits to all customers:

Individuals living in Ghana

  • Pay for goods and services both home and soon from abroad safely and efficiently from the comfort of your office, home or anywhere using BuzzPaid.
  • You still pay in Cedis.

Individuals living overseas (coming soon)

  • You will soon be able to access and pay securely on the web for goods and services from Ghana or transfer money safely to family and friends in Ghana, using BuzzPaid.

Corporate bodies in Ghana

  • Use BuzzPaid to centralise and gain control of employees' business expenditure within Ghana.
  • Access online reports on BuzzPaid that you can customise by cost-centre, department or category as you wish, to gain full view on your business expenditures.

Merchants and Utilities in Ghana

  • Add a 'Pay by BuzzPaid' button on your website to transform and grow the market for your goods and services to both consumers within Ghana and soon to consumers overseas.
  • Enable utility bill payments from all over Ghana, with BuzzPaid.

International service companies (coming soon)

  • You will soon be able to transform your growth into African markets starting with Ghana, by adding a 'Pay by BuzzPaid' button on your website.

Our mission

To connect and empower our communities to access goods from all over the world, no matter where they reside.

Did you know that:

  • E-commerce, enabled by an array of payment solutions contributes hugely to the GDP of the developed economies? For example did you know the E-commerce sector makes up about 10% of UK GDP?
  • E-commerce and now Mobile, M-commerce represents an array of services that lead to significant job creation. BuzzPaid aims to energise a dynamic commerce sector and contribute to the development of our emerging economies.

Our values

No matter how big or small your needs are, we are here to serve you.
Give off Our Best:
Always for our customers as we expect for ourselves.
For our customers, for our stakeholders and for each other.