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Corporate Accounts

BuzzPaid makes it easy

A BuzzPaid Corporate Account helps you track, manage and control your company's spending in Ghana.

Employees can use their BuzzPaid account to pay for hotels, flight and other corporate expenses in Ghana without using a credit card.

It's quick, safe and easy to use and you get to see it all. You have total control over who has access to the account and can set maximum transaction spending limits.

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Benefits to you

Expense Control and Payment convenience

  • BuzzPaid provides you a great tool to manage and control your expense budget from a central, prepaid account usable by all your selected employees.
  • You can initiate employees whom you wish to use the corporate account through a simple invitation mechanism available on your online account.
  • Detailed, real-time online statement lets you see every transaction and history on your BuzzPaid account.
  • Great convenience to all users by eliminating the need to physically pay with cash or credit card for expenditure in Ghana.

Safe and secure

  • BuzzPaid guarantees 100% fulfilment of every valid payment request. Your real-time prepaid statement on BuzzPaid provides proof and details on every transaction including those made by invited users.
  • We aim to enable a wide range of retailers, merchants, hotels and other service providers to accept payments securely using BuzzPaid, so that you can request and pay for goods, services and bills remotely from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere you may be.

Three safe, efficient and convenient ways to use BuzzPaid:

  1. Log on to BuzzPaid to request a payment to a merchant or to request transfer of your money to another person registered with BuzzPaid. Invited users can only use the corporate account to pay a merchant or service provider; they will not be able to make a transfer request to another person.
  2. Text from your Ghana mobile phone to BuzzPaid to request payment to a merchant.
  3. Click 'Pay with BuzzPaid' button wherever you see it on a merchant’s website to pay that merchant.

Easy to Sign-up

Two simple steps:

  1. Register online to set up your BuzzPaid Customer Account Name and obtain your unique Customer Account Number.
  2. Pay or transfer money into a Prepaid BuzzPaid account at any of our participating banks. You don’t need to provide or have a bank account to use BuzzPaid.

That is it. You can now sit back and use BuzzPaid for all its benefits.

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Free to join

You only pay a transaction charge per usage:

  • Registration for BuzzPaid is free.
  • No membership or joining fee to pay.
  • The only charge is a transaction fee that is applied to each BuzzPaid payment or transfer request.
  • The transaction charge is taken directly from your prepaid balance.