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Pay by BuzzPaid - medium light A 'Pay by BuzzPaid' button on your site opens up whole new markets.

BuzzPaid provides shoppers and companies the ability to pay for goods and services from a pre-paid account.

It's quick and easy for them, and safe for you.

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Benefits to you

Grow your business within Ghana

With a 'Pay by BuzzPaid' payment button on your website, you can now reach and extend your services to consumers all over Ghana and receive your payments securely and efficiently.

Grow your business overseas

A 'Pay with BuzzPaid' payment button on your website now puts you in control to reach new markets and consumers overseas.

Efficient, convenient and safe payment

  • Receive customer order payments directly into your specified bank account.
  • Payment fulfilment – 100% guaranteed.

Ghana Utility companies – Transform your financial and operational productivity

BuzzPaid enables you to channel bill payments from users all over the country seamlessly into your specified central bank account, with transformational convenience to users.

Easy to Sign-up

Two simple steps:

  1. Register online to provide details of your specified bank account to receive customer payments.
  2. If you wish, you can upload the 'Pay with BuzzPaid' button onto your website by following simple instructions that is provided to you during your registration. This is advisable to enhance your presence for online payment.

That is it. You can now transform and grow your business and market within Ghana and overseas.

Open an account now!

Free to join

You only pay a transaction charge per usage:

  • Registration for BuzzPaid is free.
  • No membership or joining fee to pay.
  • The only charge is a transaction fee that is applied to each BuzzPaid payment or transfer request.
  • The transaction charge is taken directly from your prepaid balance.

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